yeah, rinharu isn’t a ship its a PLANE.

more specifically a plane going to australia

just them two.

in a plane.

to australia.



i hope these two find each other on an animal crossing forum and become internet pals 


i hope these two find each other on an animal crossing forum and become internet pals 

GoRA's recent tweets


Orange tweeting about Neko

-there’s actually a good reason for Neko being naked

-Neko and Kuro are foils to each other. While Kuro uses logic and spends a lot of time thinking things through, Neko is more of a character who acts according to intuition. In the last episode, she truly believed in…


To get this out of the way, it looks like the new drama CDs weren’t written by Gora. The jury is still out on the Valentine’s Day cards, but they seem to be the same type of bonus you receive for buying DVDs and stuff, similar to the previous short stories (think Anna’s bloody snowman). We’ll probably find out at some point.

Anyway. Pretty sure no one translated Munakata’s birthday tweets, so here they are. Bonus Kokujouji (30.09). [EDIT. Now that I woke up - “middle birthday” aka they’re celebrating at midnight, since their birthdays are on consecutive days]


Today is Kokujouji Daikaku’s birthday. It is also a national holiday at his place.


Today, October 1st (Glasses Day), is the birthday of the Blue King, Munakata Reisi! Happy birthday!

Awashima looks like the first one to congratulate him on his birthday. …with anko. Since Awashima’s concept of respect is directly proportional to the amount of anko, I have a feeling she will give rise to an anko tower out of pure good will.

It’s a mystery whether Munakata is the type who wants to be congratulated on his birthday or not, but on this day, he’d suddenly appear in front of the members of Scepter 4 and ask “Everyone, could there possibly be anything you want to tell me?”. It seems like this would cause a great disturbance among everyone.

Hidaka looks like he’d honestly ponder what he’s talking about, while Andy would wrongly think Munakata found out he broke his tea cup and thus dig his own grave; meanwhile, Akiyama would think he’s talking about work (“Did that case take a turn for the worse…”), worrying for nothing like everyone else.

Fushimi would be the only one to guess that Munakata just wants to be congratulated on his birthday, since even though he’s not interested in other people’s birthdays, once he’s got some information stuck into his head, he’ll never forget it. Still, he won’t say anything and get annoyed all by himself.

I don’t know whether this kind of scenario has happened or not, but thinking about everyone’s reactions to Munakata’s birthday lead to all kinds of ideas. It looks like with each added year, Munakata would become a more and more peculiar man!


September 30, 24:00. “What business could you have for calling me to your residence at such an hour?” “I’m sorry for having you come all this way, Munakata. Uh huh, you see, I heard by chance that “middle birthdays” have recently become popular.” “…..huh?” “Huh?”

And my version of the Valentine’s Day cards. No big difference, but oh well, I already had them translated.

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Seeing how December is pretty much the month of doom, here’s something about Anna, from back when Gora were talking at length about the characters (so, back in April or so). This time it was Pink’s turn.

Anna is the youngest among K’s characters, but emotionally-wise, I think she’s an extremely strong child. Even though she’s only eleven years-old, she has already experienced a lot of meetings and partings.
This may be a bit of a spoiler for K:Side Red, but from a tender age, Anna has gone through various bitter situations. Nevertheless, she was definitely not an -unloved child-. She was loved, but at the same time had to part from the ones who loved her again and again.
Her parents, her aunt, Totsuka, Suoh. Different people who surrounded Anna with warm things, yet whom fate took away from her. However, since Anna is a child who has the destiny of -seeing-, she burned into her eyes and heart the existences of all the loved ones she lost.
Anna can only distinguish the colour red and I believe that Suoh’s striking -red- was what gave her world colour. At the same time, Anna knew how dangerous he was. I think that choosing to stay by Suoh’s side and seeing the hard world surrounding him showed more than pure strength.
Even such a young child burdened with such heavy things had a bright side. Getting stuck for some reason between vending machines or giving in to temptation in the short story on our site revealed some of her occasional eccentricities.
Anna appears a lot in the newest story from the June number of Aria. It’s a heartwarming story featuring Suoh and Anna and the two will show all sorts of expressions. The way Kuroe-san draws her is very cute!
The Anna we see now is much livelier than the Anna we see in Side: Red or in the anime. When we submitted the scenario, we told the supervisor “This time, the taciturn pair talks a lot!”, but when he read it, he was a bit puzzled — “…oh, is that so?”. Well, as I see it, they did talk a lot. 

Aaaand here are Green’s Anna + Munakata tweets too. This got really long but oh well..

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Green Tweets - Suoh - the lost person for a Strain and a King


Green, from GoRA, was the one to tweet this week.

In the tweets:

  • Green begins to say that this week’s topic is “Munakata Reisi and Anna Kushina”. In the last tweets of Green, he did “Suoh Mikoto and Neko”, in which Green thinks it was a unique pair and says that this week’s pair is also very unique. Green laughs and says that the “cool beauty pair” appeared suddenly this week without knowing why.

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